An orange comes rolling in front of Eva’s feet.
She picks it up, her only decision is whether to eat it or not?

There are four main objects in our version of Eva’s story. The most important one is the forbidden fruit, which in her case, is not poisoned at all, it is the key to a happy and healthy life!

Another item is a flower of Eva’s garden, the Orchid. She chose this beautiful plant because of it’s exceptional taste of where and when to grow and it’s pretty blossom which reminds Eva of the female body.

Eva’s favorite color is blue. It used to be the color for girls in the early days and it stands for infinity and can have an relaxing impact.

There are plenty of animals wondering around in Eva’s garden, but the bee is one of the strongest and most helpful of our nature. She is fascinated by this little creature.

The new Eva, our Eva, stands for every Eva out there. She is brave, self-confident and looks forward to live a happy and independent life. Be part of our story and see what’s coming out of all that.

„…If life gives you oranges, squeeze it and enjoy it‘s taste!“